R19 Utility model generates utility control cards with SORTNUM 0 for IBM Load step.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The r19 @DEFAULT Utility Model for RC/Migrator can now generate analysis output that uses the IBM Load utility to load tables as part of a strategy. But the IBM Load Utility control cards are generated with a SORTNUM 0 statement by default.  This causes the load to fail because of insufficient sort work space.


Why is the R19 Utility model generating utility control cards with SORTNUM 0 for the IBM Load step?

r19 Incremental Release, plus maintenance that includes RO89825.

Template the r19 @DEFAULT utility model that is implemented as part of the post install process in order to create a version that can be modified.

Use option 0 - Profile, on the RC/Migrator main menu, then option 6 - Utility Model Services to display the CA General Model Services screen.

Create a copy of the @DEFAULT model using the 'T' line command next to the entry for the @DEFAULT model.

Update the new version of the @DEFAULT model using the 'U' line command next to the entry with the new model's name.  This displays the CA General Model Utilities screen. Locate the entry on the screen for the LOAD utility. Use the 'E' line command next to this entry to edit the Load utility model. 

Locate the line "#IF(%SORTNUM,=,0)" and modify it to: "#IF(%SORTNUM,NE,0)". Press PF3 to save the changes.

Use this modified version of the @DEFAULT utility model to build any custom models you require.

Additional Information:

A permanent fix will be made available in early 2107 when the next Incremental Release Consolidated fix pack is made available.