R11.3 SP1 upgrade to SP3 with Oracle DB fails to start

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Last Modified Date : 12/03/2018
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To do in-place upgrade from R11.3 to R12, the 11.3 server needs to be upgraded to SP3. 
After the CA WA DE server is upgraded from 11.3 to 11.3 SP3 using Oracle 11g or 12c database, the logs may report this error on startup:
 [essential] [ERROR] main: Server terminated with an error code of 3. The exception is java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: oracle/jdbc/driver/OracleDriver : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0.
CA Workload Automation DE R11.3
Oracle database 11g or 12c
The CA Workload Automation DE server uses JDBC drivers to connect to the database.  
Note: The database JDBC drivers are not maintained by CA.  They are provided and maintained to by database vendor.
During the upgrade to SP3 the old JRE and JDBC driver are replaced with the JRE 7 and JDBC 4.1 (filename ojdbc7.jar).  This driver has been certified by Oracle to work with JRE 7.  However, it may not work with some older Oracle DB versions.  This driver will have to be replaced with older JDBC 4.0 (filename ojdbc6.jar).

The driver can be obtained from the Oracle DB installation or from this link.

Additional Information:
The JDBC driver is located in <DE_install_dir>/lib.  Perform the following steps to replace the driver.
1. Shut down DE 
2. Remove the ojdbc7.jar file from <de_install_dir>/lib.
3. Copy the downloaded ojdbc6.jar file to <de_install_dir>/lib.
4. Next, edit the classpath file in bin directory to update the file: 
a. Navigate to <de_install_dir>/bin
i. In Linux/UNIX OS edit classpath.sh and change the following to match the new filename 
ii. In Windows OS, edit classpath.bat and change the following to match the new filename
   set JDBC_JAR_LIB=C:\<some_path_here>\lib\ojdbc7.jar
5. Once the changes are done, start the server and test.

Note:  Always backup the files before making any changes.