QuickView Error " CAUAJM_E_10045 An invalid encryption key was specified"

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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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When attempting to search for a wildcarded job name in QuickView, the following error is received...
CAUAJM_E_10045 An invalid encryption key was specified.
• E139012 Autosys error response:CAUAJM_E_10045 An invalid encryption key was specified.
• E131003 Error loading the job:E180010 Could not establish a connection to CA Workload Automation AE; invalid server context.
This error will occur when the CAPKIHOME variable is set within the environment when the WCC services start. This variable gets set within /etc/profile.CA. The startup scripts for the WCC services should source /etc/profile which, in turn, source /etc/profile.CA. However, on some occasions it has been found that the /etc/profile is modified after WCC installation and the sourcing of /etc/profile.CA is removed.
To ensure /etc/profile.CA is sourced when starting services, add it directly to the service startup scripts in /etc/init.d. The service startup scripts are CA-wcc and CA-wcc-services. In both scripts, find the following line...


Immediately after this line, add...

. /etc/profile.CA

This will ensure the profile.CA is sourced when the services are started.