QuickBridge: CAAVLREC and CAAVMTXT, batch or online?

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Last Modified Date : 19/04/2018
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When installing SQL QuickBridge, two cobol programs for implementing table procedures are provided, CAAVLREC and CAAVMTXT.
As provided, the source has them defined as BATCH programs.
Clearly, CAAVLREC and CAAVMTXT must sometimes run under the control of the CA-IDMS/DC address space (online).
Doesn't that mean that they should be compiled as online programs, i.e. MODE IS IDMS-DC ?
CA-IDMS, all supported releases.
Table procedure programs can conceivably be called in any of online, batch-CV and batch-local environments.
For such programs, if they are compiled as batch programs (MODE IS BATCH), they can be called in an online environment, but the reverse is not true - if they are compiled as online programs (MODE IS IDMS-DC), then they won't run in a batch environment.
Therefore it is recommend that they be compiled as batch programs, and linked to a library available to both batch jobs and CVs.
They also need to be defined to sysgen.
This recommendation applies to all user-written table procedure programs, not just CAAVLREC and CAAVMTXT.
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