Questions about Healthcheck changes and additions

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Last Modified Date : 24/05/2018
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We are currently reviewing our Healthcheck environment, amending monitoring, thresholds, escalations for the various checks in place. 

From a CA perspective, how are CHANGES to the numerous CA HC's communicated to the userbase, is it via DOC HOLDDATA or will be covered by ACTION HOLDS?

In our shop ACTION holds get reviewed but due to the number of DOC HOLDS in a maint drop DOC HOLDS often only get a cursory skim read so any healthcheck information could be missed. 

For NEW healthchecks, again is this disseminated via DOC or ACTION HOLDS or is it up to the site so see what new HC's have been registered following a maintenance drop? 


Do you have any CA specific guidance and best practice for healthchecks and reviewing updates and changes?
CA Common Services 14.1 - z/OS supported releases - 
Individual products deliver health checks, not CA Common Services. 

CA Health check is only the service that we deliver to allow products to interface with the IBM Health check facility HZSPROC. 

Any information about health checks would need to be delivered by the individual product.