Can I check in files with file extensions not on the File Extensions tab?

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Last Modified Date : 04/05/2018
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In the repository File Extensions tab, there is a list of default list of extensions. “BAT” is one of it. If I remove “BAT”, does that mean that I will never be able to load/check in a file with BAT extension for the target repository?
CA Harvest SCM all versions and platforms.
When Harvest checks files in, it handles them a little differently depending on whether they are plain text files or something else. An example of a plain text file would be a SQL script, or a Readme.txt document. Examples of non-text files (Harvest calls them Binary) are executable programs, jpeg pictures, word documents – anything that you would not be able to edit with Notepad.

The File Extensions tab is there to tell Harvest which types of files it should handle as text files. Any type of file not on the file extensions list will be handled as a Binary file. Either way, Harvest will be able to check in all the files you give it.
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You can read more about how Harvest handles file extensions in the CA Harvest SCM Administrator Guide: