Question on offering inheritance

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Last Modified Date : 13/06/2018
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When trying to use the Copy option on a Service Offering under Catalog > Service Offerings > Offerings, what do the two options mean? The dialogue box states the following:

Do you want to copy including all associated Option Groups for the Offering or Folder? Click Yes to copy all associated Option Groups. Click No to copy only Offering without associated Option Groups and without link to original Option GroupsĀ 

It sounds like "No" might just copy the offering definition as an empty offering, without the Option groups involved.
When you copy an offering between Business Units, then the options cause the following to happen:

"Yes" creates a copy of the entire contents of the offering, including the linked Service Option Groups, to be pasted in the destination unit. This is the option to choose if you're then going to modify the contents of the offering for the specific provider BU, e.g. changing prices, wording of descriptions, etc.

"No" creates a copy only of the Offering as a whole, and continues to point to the original Service Option Groups. This is the option if you're trying to have an identical offering in multiple locations, as any subsequent edits to the individual Service Options contained in it will be visible in all locations.

Both options will give you a fully-populated Service Offering, rather than an empty one.