Question on JCL references to the //TLMSJCL DD statements that are found in various CA Dispatch procedures (PROC?s) that point to a DSEXTLMS job.

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Last Modified Date : 26/02/2018
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Do clients using a tape management system other than CA TLMS need to include these DD statements in the various PROC’s supplied with CA Dispatch?




JCL references to the //TLMSJCL DD statement that points to the DSEXTLMS job can be found in the following CA Dispatch CADSPROC library members:


Clients who are not specifically using CA TLMS to manage their Dispatch archive tapes can “DUMMY OUT” any references to the //TLMSJCL DD statements but the statements must remain in the JCL. There is no need for these same clients to set up the DSEXTLMS job.

The only CA Dispatch clients who would need to setup the DSEXTLMS job and include legitimate //TLMSJCL statements in their JCL are clients who are using CA TLMS to manage their CA Dispatch archive tapes and who ALSO have option 2 (2=Online TLMS) specified as their “Tape Management System” on the CA Dispatch VSGMU210 screen (Option 9.A from the main menu).
Additional Information:
* Please be aware that because of the following noted limitations when using Tape Management System option 2 (2=Online TLMS) on the CA Dispatch VSGMU210 screen, it is NOT the preferred option for most clients:
Note: One limitation is that report retention must be maintained by days (not generations) for this approach to be utilized. An additional limitation is that retention changes made MANUALLY in CA Dispatch are not reflected in CA Dynam/TLMS.

* Alternatively, clients who use CA TLMS to manage their Dispatch archive tapes may prefer to use TLMS option 4 (4=Batch TLMS or TLMS EDM if apars RO79236 and RO82687 are applied) as these options do not have the same limitations as TLMS option 2.

* See Knowledge Base Article Document ID: KB000029519 – Title: DSEXTLMS RUNNING CATINQR - NO UPDATE

* And the “CA Dynam/TLMS Tape Management System – Option 2, ONLINE” section of documentation in chapter 2 of the CA Dispatch System Programmers guide.