Query to See the Most Current QOS in the DataBase

Document ID : KB000009939
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It is often helpful to see whether QOS is being inserted into the database and to see how old it is.  It is possible to use DrNimbus to look at current data, but this can take time and pulls QOS data from farther downstream than the database.  The table s_qos_snapshot keeps a running update of current QOS, but does not specify the probe, QOS, target, etc. of this data. 
The following query pulls the current information from s_qos_snapshot and correlates it with identifying information from s_qos_data.  This allows users to see whether the QOS exists in the database and to see when it was last inserted.


-- This SQL Server query will show the most current QOS from any probe using data from s_qos_snapshot and s_qos_data.
-- The following "ss." columns are from s_qos_snapshot and the "sd." columns are from s_qos_data
SELECT ss.table_id, ss.sampletime, ss.samplevalue, sd.ci_metric_id, sd.qos, sd.target, sd.probe, sd.r_table
JOIN S_QOS_DATA sd on ss.table_id = sd.table_id

-- The following WHERE filter is an example which will limit the results of the above statements.
-- This can be changed to reflect any of the columns and cells found in s_qos_data
WHERE probe = '<probe name>' and target = '<target string>'