how to Intercept Traps from arriving to Spectrum

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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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We have a business need where we need to filter events from Cisco WLC devices.
We only want a certain few actually reaching Spectrum and the events Database. 
We want to keep the AP down and drop the rest.

How can we accomplish this?
f the events in question are from traps, there is nothing that we can do in Spectrum to stop devices sending traps to Spectrum.  
This would need to be stopped on the device.  In Spectrum, we can decide what happens to that trap once it arrives.  
Assuming that the trap has been mapped in mib tools, we would then manage it from Event Configuration Editor (ECE)

for example:
As each event that you don't want, arrives to OneClick, we will configure how future events of this type are handled.
The example below shows event type 56e1002.  
If the event type tab is not visible in the events tab in OC component details, we will need to add it by right clicking on the column heading and adding it "Event Type".

 event type

open ECE from OC – tool – Evevent configuration.
Filetr in the bottom with the event type – here we used 56e1002
From there we can cancel the alarm, from the alarms tab, by changing the severity to none.


And under the events tab, we can choose if it’s to be stored in the ddmdb.

store event