How to query current enabled CA OPS/MVS rules?

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Last Modified Date : 12/04/2018
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Is there a utility or report that I can use to quickly identify a list of all enabled rules in OPS/MVS? 
The ADDRESS AOF LIST command can be used to retrieve information about the enabled rules. See the sample REXX program below that scans all rulesets and displays the ruleset and rulename of the enabled rules. 

/* REXX */                                                     
i = 0                                                          
ADDRESS AOF  "LIST "  /* Produce a list of rulesets */         
DO QUEUED()                                                    
 PULL LINE                                                     
 i = i + 1                                                     
 RULESET.i = WORD(LINE,2)                                      
do n = 1 to i /* For each ruleset found above scan the rules */
 ADDRESS AOF  "LIST " RULESET.n".*"                            
  DO QUEUED()                                                  
   PULL LINE                                                   
   rulename = word(line,2)                                     
   enabled  = word(line,3)                                     
   if enabled = 'E' then    /* Check if the rule is enabled */ 
       say left(ruleset.n,8) left(rulename,8)                  
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Reference to the ADDRESS AOF host environment commands can be found in the link below: