QRPT003 failing with DB005155 T61 C-4M324: Column INCLVIRTKEYS C700057  not found

Document ID : KB000120013
Last Modified Date : 06/11/2018
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When I submit report QRPT003, an error occurs. SYNTAX: USE "QRPT003" WITH VALUES (REQUESTED_DICTIONARY='TESTDICT' REQUESTED_SCHEMA='%') Please see error below; E C700054 ERROR FROM PREPARE SQL SELECT C700055 SQLCODE: -0004 SQLCERC: 5155 C700056 SQLCSER: 0000 SQLCNRP: 0000 C700057 ¢DB005000 T61 C0M324: Message for module QRFCDSI, SQL statement number : 1.:DB005155 T61 C-4M324: Column INCLVIRTKEYS C700057  not found
The table SYSTEM.SCHEMA in the SYSSQL segment in the dictionary against which  QRPT003 was being executed was missing the INCLVIRTKEYS column. 
Resolved by connecting to the dictionary  then executing CONVERT CATALOG in OCF or with IDMSBCF.