qos data mixed while monitoring 2 devices with the same name in multi tenancy environment

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Last Modified Date : 12/12/2018
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QoS data is mixed and overwritten while one UIM domain supports multiple tenants and having device named the same in each tenants being monitored by UIM.

Here is a simple example.

QoS data for device name "Win01" (located in tenant A) is being collected by UIM probe running in tenant A robot.
QoS data for device name "Win01" (located in tenant B) is being collected by UIM probe running in tenant B robot.
In any version of UIM (except for 9.0.2)

*** Important Note ***
This problem is common and not monitoring probe specific.
data_engine probe was using only QoS, Source, and Target attributes to uniquely identify corresponding row in S_QOS_DATA table.
In the flow, Origin was not honored.
Fixed with new data_engine probe come with UIM 9.0.2
With an enhancement (inclusion of origin), data_engine correctly identifies the correct QoS coming from the specific origin, because it now uses the origin value, which forms a unique combination (QoS, source, target, and origin). 
Additional Information:
Please take a look at data_engine probe Release Notes and What's new section in 9.0.2