Purpose of the SUP for SMP/e

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Using as an example Test Apar TR66068 and permanent PTF RO66068

Test Apar TR66068 is superseded by permanent solution RO66068.


++PTF (RO66068)                
++VER (Z038)                                                
  FMID (CWK8500)                                            
  PRE ( RO21096 RO22404 RO34895 RO35520 RO37756 RO40754     
        RO43222 RO45133 RO48646 RO50561 RO52194 RO52332     
        RO53029 RO54355 RO56739 RO56896 RO58547 RO59643     
        RO62281 RO65852  )                                  
  SUP ( RO30642 RO36416 RO47444 RO53452 TR30642 TR36416     
        TR47444 TR53452 TR63653 TR64163 TR64210 TR64894     
        TR66068  )                                          

The purpose of the SUP for TR66068 is so in case a customer already has TR66068 applied, SMP/E will know that it is ok to apply RO66068 even though TR66068 is already on. The SUP also means that if a customer doesn't have TR66068 on, that this is ok, you don't need to put TR66068 on before putting on RO66068.