Purpose of PUBLIC synonyms in a WAAE Oracle database

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Last Modified Date : 07/03/2018
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When a WAAE schema is built in Oracle, the 'aedbadmin' user is granted the "CREATE_PUBLIC_SYNONYM" role and there are PUBLIC synonyms created on a select few tables. What is the purpose of granting the role to 'aedbadmin' and the existence of the synonyms?
The purpose of granting the "CREATE_PUBLIC_SYNONYM" role to the "aedbadmin" database user is so that it can create public synonyms that are required in the schema. The synonyms are created to facilitate compatibility with legacy 4.5.x agents. The 4.5.x agents connected to the database as "autosys" and the 4.5.x tables were not prefixed with "ujo_" as they are in the current releases. Therefore, the synonyms were required so that queries submitted by the 4.5.x agents would work properly.

In the next major release of WAAE (12.0), we will no longer support compatibility with 4.5.x agents. Therefore, the synonyms will be dropped in that version as they will no longer be needed.