PSPLOAD failed WORK out of space in #PCHOLD step

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Execution of installation job ESD1604L abends with system
error 0D37 and RC=04 in the #PCHOLD step. The following
message, indicating insufficient space in the WORK
dataset, appears in the SASLOG:

ERROR: Insufficient space in file WORK.SASMACR.CATALOGInsufficient space in file WORK.SASMACR.CATALOG
IMPACT The job fails and must be rerun after completing solution below. CIRCUMVENTION None. SOLUTION In the JCL change the WORK DD allocation parameter as shown below to increase the secondary allocation value from 200 to 2000: BEFORE: //WORK DD UNIT=&WKUNIT,SPACE=(6144,200), // DCB=(RECFM=FS,LRECL=6144,BLKSIZE=6144,DSORG=PS) AFTER: //WORK DD UNIT=&WKUNIT,SPACE=(6144,2000), // DCB=(RECFM=FS,LRECL=6144,BLKSIZE=6144,DSORG=PS)

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