PSP not showing up in MWF Select list

Document ID : KB000008353
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After running the initial job to install a MICS PTF, the PSP does not show up in in the 'Select Product Changes' panel in MWF 5;2;1;2.

The PSPADD member; however, in 'sharedprefix.PSP.CNTL' does show that the new PTF has been registered.  


The 'sharedprefix.PSP.PC.TEXT' dataset was missing the @@ccc member (where ccc is the component ID).   This is likely from not selecting that particular component on the previous PAX ESD install.   



For example, if this is a DB2 PTF that is not showing up, check that the @@DB2 member exists in 'sharedprefix.PSP.PC.TEXT'.  If it does not, then create this member and add only one line that contains the following



After creating this new member, then run the receive PSP tables again from MWF 5;2;4;1.

Then access the 'Select Product Changes' panel again where the PSP should now display