Project Hierarchy Financial Rollup Detail Time Slice Dates and Data showing only future data for Cost Plans

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are comparing the data on the Investment, Hierarchy, Financial Rollup - Detail view to see TSV data for Planned Costs across all the investments in the hierarchy. The data for the Planned Costs seem to only show the current month plus eleven months into the future (total 12 months). Can we change this configuration to show past planned amounts?

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Create a new installation or upgrade an existing installation
  2. Configure Financials with Fiscal Time periods going back at least a few months or more
  3. Create some cost plans
  4. Execute jobs for Time slicing, Investment Allocation and Datamart Extraction
  5. View the Project, Hierarchy, Financial Rollup : Detail view (time-scale varying)
Expected Result: To see cost plan TSV data in the past
Actual Result: We only see cost plan TSV data beginning with the current month.


The current design of the Investment Hierarchy Financial Rollup Detail View uses internal insta-slices that cannot be modified and is to designed to only show the current month and into the future for a total of 12 months.

If you change the TSV display to group by Quarterly, or Annually, the amounts in the 'Monthly' internal slices will be used and still will have less than the amounts that would appear on the Cost Plan if there is planned data prior to the current month.

If this page causes confusion for your end-users, it is our recommendation to use the new Portfolio Functionality, by adding the group of investments into a Portfolio. Go to the Portfolio, Financials tab (this tab is available when you install the add-ins from PMO Accelerator) and view the TSV data on this page and it will show past TSV period data. Using this recommendation will also allow the end-user to utilize the new portfolio functionality for greater analysis of the data and planning.

The Investment, Hierarchy Financial Rollup page is accessible to end-users through a security access right. Search for *Hierarchy - Financial Rollup* and remove these rights for the different investment types.

Additional Information:

Reference TEC535326 : Project Hierarchy Financial Rollup Detai View does not display correct values in TSV