Programs running in load module format vs. using VLS object.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I need to determine if a program is using the load module or if it is using the VLS object.


How can I determine if my CA Ideal programs are running in load module format or using VLS object?


z/OS, z/VSE


To verify that the CA Ideal program running is in load module format, you can first dump the Load Module Table (LMT) to make sure the load module exists. To dump the Load Module Table (LMT), on the CA Ideal command line, issue the command:


This will give you a list of all the load modules that exist in the Load Module Table (LMT).

After you have verified that the module exists, close the object file using CEMT so that it is unavailable. To close the object file, in CICS, issue the command:

CEMT I FI(name.of.object.file)

The result will be:

Fil(ID$IDOBJ) Bda Ope Ena Rea Upd Add Bro Exc Sha

overtype Ope with Clo

The run of the program should be successful if the load module exists. CA Ideal will always run the load module if one exists in the Load Module Table (LMT), if not, it will search the VLS file. CA Ideal will issue an error when it cannot find the program in load module format or in VLS format.