Processes connected to newly created CP hang

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Last Modified Date : 04/12/2018
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The AE is slow and process that are connected to newly created CPs hang and produce Forced Traces.

The following errors are detected in the WP logs:
U00029108 UCUDB: SQL_ERROR Database handles DB-HENV: c28e80 DB-HDBC: c9ecb8
U00003591 UCUDB - DB error info: OPC: 'OCIStmtExecute' Return code: 'ERROR'
U00003592 UCUDB - Status: '' Native error: '2289' Msg: 'ORA-02289: sequence does not exist'
U00003594 UCUDB Ret: '3590' opcode: 'INPK' SQL Stmnt: 'INSERT INTO MQ1CP010 (MQCP_PK, MQCP_System, MQCP_CAddr, MQCP_CSRName, MQCP_CAcv, MQCP_BAddr, MQCP_BSRName, MQCP_BAcv, MQCP_FAddr, MQCP_LogAddr, MQCP_PhysAddr, MQCP_BTable, MQCP_SchedTime, MQCP_Status, MQCP_Priority, MQCP_DRole, MQCP_LAddr, MQCP_Len, MQCP_Msg) VALUES (SQ_MQ1CP010.nextval, ?, ?, NULL, ?, NULL, NULL, ?, ?, NULL, NULL, ?, ?, ?, ?, NULL, NULL, ?, ?) RETURNING MQCP_PK INTO ?'
U00003590 UCUDB - DB error: 'OCIStmtExecute', 'ERROR ', '', 'ORA-02289: sequence does not exist'
U00003590 UCUDB - DB error: 'OCIStmtExecute', 'ERROR ', '', 'ORA-02289: sequence does not exist'
U00003620 Routine 'UCDS_R' forces trace because of error.
U00003449 Output to the TRACE file is finished.

Run the following SQL query and see if the sequences (SQ_MQ1CP006, SQ_MQ2CP006) exist:
select * from all_sequences where SEQUENCE_OWNER = 'UC4' 
The issue is caused by the absence of the sequences for newly created CP processes (CP006 and higher). This is due to the fact that the SQL statement that creates additional tables for CP006 and higher has failed.
Rerun the SQL statement found here: