Process Initiator's rights change and cause Process to error

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A process that is designed to auto-start on the creation of the project is assigned "Initiatied By" to the creator of the project. By default, this is the Manager of the project.

When the Manager of the project is changed the edit rights on a project are transferred to the new manager. Thus, the old manager no longer has edit rights.

However, the processes are still tied to the original content owner (old manager). The processes contain steps that edit fields on the project. However, since the process initiator no longer has edit rights on the project, when the process step executes it error message "You do not have the rights to perform the action."

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Administration, Studio: Objects, Project Object, Attributes - create new attribute
    Attribute Name = 'your attribute'
    Attribute ID = 'your_attribute'
    Data Type = 'Boolean'
    Navigate to View, Project Properties [Layout: Edit]
    Click General
    Click Create section
    Section Names = 'Your section'
    Click Submit
    Click on icon 'Properties and Layout'
    Move 'your attribute'from column Available to Selected (Left Column)
    Click Submit
  3. Administration, Data Administration: Processes, click 'New' button, create a new process definition on the Project Object
    Properties, Process Name = 'My Project Process'
    Properties, Process ID = 'my_project_process'
    Objects, Object Type = 'Project'
    Start Option = Auto-start
    Start Option, Start Event = Create
    Start Option, Start Condition =( Project Status = 'Unapproved' )
  4. Edit the Start Step
    On the Post-conditions Section
    Click [Build Conditions]
    Object = Project.thisProject
    Field = Status
    Operator = (equal sign)
    Right constant = 'Approved'
    Click 'Add' button on the Condition Builder page
    Click 'Submit' button
  5. Add new steps
    Click Steps
    Click New Steps button
    Step Name = 'my steps'
    Step ID = 'my_steps'
    Click Save
    In section Actions
    Click New
    Select 'System' Action - next
    Action Name = 'My action'
    Action ID = 'My_action'
    System Action, Object = 'project.thisProject'
    System Action, Action = 'SET your_attribute'
    System Action, your_attribute = 'yes'
    Click submit
    In Process Definition: Step Details.Step: my steps.Post-conditions section
    Click [Select Step]
    Check Finish and click Add
    Click Submit
  6. Finish Start step
    In Start Step.Post-conditions section
    Click [Select Step]
    Check 'my steps' and click Add
    Click Save and Continue
  7. Validate the process
    Validation.Validate All and Activate
  8. Administration, Organization and Access: Resources (Users), click 'New' button, create a new Resource 'user1'
  9. Only assign the following security rights to 'user1'
    Global > Project - Create
    Global > Process - Start - All
    Global > Process View Instance - All
  10. Create another Resource 'user2' with the same rights
    Global > Project - Create
    Global > Process - Start
    Global > Process View Instance - All
  11. Log out / Log in as 'user1'
  12. Create a new Project 'my project'
    Status= 'unapproved'
  13. Click 'Save' button
  14. Log out / Log in as 'admin'
  15. Go to Project- 'my project'
  16. Change Manger 'my project'- properties.Manager='user2'
  17. Change Status 'my project'- properties.Status='Approved'
  18. Click Save
  19. Go to the Project, Processes Tab, Initiated Tab and check the status of the process

Expected Result: I should see that the process completed successfully.
Actual Result: But instead I see that the process shows the step has errors with the message 'You don't have the rights to perform the action'.

The process is generating the appropriate error because the initiator of the process has access rights removed.
When a process is auto-started, the person who triggered the auto-start is the process initiator. In the case of this scenario, the user who creates the project, who automatically is assigned as the project manager, is the process initiator. So when you change the project manager, all the rights are revoked from the user, the process cannot continue.
Manually update the previous manager's profile to add process rights.