Procedures to expand the CA Scheduler Job Management History data set.

Document ID : KB000024025
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The data base's percentage of utilization is displayed on the console when the CA Scheduler JM started task is activated. If the History data set (HST) is at 80% full or more, and the DELETE HISTORY command is executed daily, the History data set needs to be expanded. This Knowledge Document provides a procedure to increase the size of the History data set.


  1. Shutdown the CA Scheduler JM started task and ensure that everyone has logged off CA Scheduler JM online.

  2. Edit CA Scheduler JM SAMPJCL member DBRESIZE and change only the data set names, the UNIT name, and the SPACE parameters. The SYSIN control statements for program DBUTLTY must not be modified. The DBRESIZE job creates a new Index, Data Area, and History data set. These three data sets must be initialized and loaded at the same time.

  3. Submit job DBRESIZE. The return code must be 00 on all steps.

This procedure affects all copies of CA Scheduler JM sharing the same physical data base.


As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Scheduler Job Management if you have further questions.