Procedure to Setup DSS(Distributed Spectrum Server) Environment (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31323 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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1. The Spectrum servers should be on the same patch level and have identical modelling catalog.
2. All the servers are pointing to the same main location server.
3. Hostname can be resolved to IP address correctly on all the servers.
4. Host Security file $SPECROOT/.hostrc allows each SpectroServer in DSS environment.
5. A common user model is created on each SpectoServer in DSS environment.
6. Each SpectoServer in DSS environment must have a unique landscape handle.
7. If the servers(including OneClick and SpectroServers) are in different subnet, the following file should be created on each servers and have all other server?s ip address in the file.

 On All Spectrum servers, the file is:
 <Spectrum ROOT>\bin\VBOA\agentaddr

 On OneClick server, the file is:
 <Spectrum ROOT>\tomcat\conf\agentaddr

 Note: Agentaddr files are no longer required in Spectrum 9.0 onwards.
       OneClick now locates all resources using the Location Server.

8. Required ports are opened on firewall if there is any.
 (please refer to Distributed SpectroSERVER guide 2770.pdf for required ports).

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