Procedure to reset user scoreboard

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Procedure to reset user scoreboard to the default Access Type Scoreboard.


Scoreboards of Contacts and Access Types are stored in the User_Query (USQ) table. By default only the Access Types have entries on this table. However, when a contact chooses to Customise Scoreboard, table entries will be created for their account and the Access Type's Scoreboard will no longer be visible to them.

Another misconception is that doing a "Reset Tree" will clear the contact's Scoreboard entries from the User_Query table. In actuality all it does is reset the contact's User_Query entries to that of their Access Type's entries.

So if the Access Type Scoreboard was to change again after the Reset Tree, the contact would not see the new changes.

Steps to clearing a single user's customised Scoreboard:

Note: Take a table backup if it is a production system.

1. Obtain the UUID of the ca_contact row for the contact who's scoreboard you wish to reset.

2. Open a command prompt and return to the root of c:\

3. Initiate the following command:

    pdm_extract -f "SELECT * FROM User_Query WHERE obj_persid = 'cnt:<UUID of contact>'" > USD.txt

Note: <UUID of contact> is the Contact UUID obtained in step 1 

e.g:  pdm_extract -f pdm_extract -f "SELECT * FROM User_Query WHERE obj_persid = 'cnt:48F567C80F28EB4BA91567D03B4AFEE2'" > USD.txt

4. Then run these commands:

      pdm_load -f USD.txt -r -v

pdm_cache_refresh -t User_Query

Once you complete these steps the contact will no longer have a Scoreboard on record and will be running his/her Access Type's Scoreboard.