Procedure to install UUJMA in silent mode

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to do an unttended UJMA installation 


CA Universal Job Management Agent Release 11.2 SP2 Cum1

1) Silent/Unattended Installation on Windows:


To install CA UJMA in silent or unattended mode, follow these steps: 

To Create Response file : ENU\NT\WinAgt\setup.exe /r [/f1<Path to response file>]. 

To install silently using response file : ENU\NT\WinAgt\setup.exe /s [/f1<Path to response file>] 

Note: Response file should be created in a clean and fresh machine and the same response file 

can be used for fresh installation/upgrade. Response file will be with .iss extension and if f1 option not used then by default installer uses C:\Windows\setup.iss. 


2)  Silent/Unattended Installation on UNIX/Linux


To install CA UJMA in silent or unattended mode, follow these steps: 

Be sure you are logged in as user root or su to root. 

Create the required response file by entering the following command at the command prompt: 

./setup –a /<path-to-response-file>

–a specifies the location of the output response file. 

Answer the prompts for parameters. 

The wizard uses your instructions to create the response file in the location specified. 

To install using a response file, run the following command at a command prompt: 

./setup –s –r /<path-to-response-file> -p /<path-to-log-file>

-s specifies that the installation should be unattended. 

-r specifies the location of the input response file. 

-p specifies the location where the installation log file should be written.