Procedure for Downloading SMP/E HOLDDATA.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Beginning with r12 of the CA Datacom products, we are using the Error HOLDDATA functionality provided by SMP/E. This currently applies to the following CA Datacom components:

CA Datacom/AD r12

CA Datacom/DB r12

CA Datacom Datadictionary r12

CA Dataquery for CA Datacom r12

CA Datacom SQL r12

CA Datacom STAR r12

CA Datacom Presspack r12

CA Datacom Fast Restore r12

Each time you plan to apply maintenance to a CA Datacom product (listed above), you must ensure you have the latest Error HOLDDATA file from CA. Execute an FTP job similar to the following sample to download the latest SMP/E Error HOLDDATA file:

  //JOB ... 
  //FTPSTEP  EXEC PGM=FTP,PARM='(EXIT=08'             
  //INPUT    DD   * 21 
  * email address *
  cd /pub/HoldData/
dir asc locsite LR=80 REC=FB BLOCKSI=0 locsite PRI=20 SEC=10 CY get DAILY-HOLDDATA.TXT '* PTFHOLD dsn *' (REPLACE quit //

Tailor the above sample JCL, as follows:

  1. Provide an appropriate //JOB card.

  2. Replace the string * email address* with your valid email address.

  3. Replace * PTFHOLD dsn * with a valid z/OS dataset name (retain the surrounding single quotes). There is no need to allocate the z/OS dataset before running the job. The job will allocate the dataset, if not present.

The job will download the latest Error HOLDDATA and populate the dataset with it. When you subsequently run your SMP/E job to RECEIVE and APPLY the maintenance, be sure to include the following DD statement in your JCL:


The presence of Error HOLDDATA when executing SMP/E will prevent users from downloading and applying a fix if it is known to be in error until the correcting fix is also applied at the same time.