Problem with upgrade of CA Gen

Document ID : KB000074475
Last Modified Date : 21/03/2018
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I have a developer working on the upgrade to the latest version of CA Gen. They have been working thru all aspects of the upgrade but are at the point where there appears to be something missing maybe in their startup proc and they cannot determine the issue. The messages they are receiving are: IKJ56709I INVALID DATA SET NAME, '.IEF.SYSPRINT' IKJ56701I MISSING DATA SET NAME OR *+ IKJ56701I MISSING NAME OF DATA SET TO BE ALLOCATED IKJ56701I MISSING NAME OF SUBSYSTEM YOU WANT TO USE++ IKJ56701I MISSING NAME OF DB SYSTEM (1 TO 4 CHARACTERS) DSN NOT ACTIVE, PROCESS TERMINATED ***.  PARMLIB FILE ERROR is received when going into the panels.

The PARMLIB library is not allocated to the TSO session or does not exist.
The PARMLIB library was allocated to the session but had a typo in the DD name.  It must be allocated to DD TIUPARML.  Customer had TUIPARML.  Once corrected, customer is able to process panel info.