Problem with result of a LDAP command

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Last Modified Date : 17/09/2018
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When we ask details of a facility we get the following result with hexa characters...

ldapsearch -xLLL -D cn=MZPANS01 -w password -h "be17dns" -p "389" -b "tssacid=J116616,tssadmingrp=acids,host=ldapmvs,o=psa,c=fr"

Result: dn: tssacidgrp=Facilities,tssacid=J116616,tssadmingrp=acids,host=ldapmvs,o=psa ,c=fr
objectClass: tssacidgrp
tssacidgrp: Facilities
securityDesc: Facility Grouping (read only)

dn: tssfacility=1. BATCH,tssacidgrp=facilities,tssacid=J116616,tssadmingrp=aci ds,host=ldapmvs\2Co\3Dpsa\2Cc\3Dfr
objectClass: tssfacility
tssfacility: BATCH

So we get host=ldapmvs\2Co\3Dpsa\2Cc\3Dfr instead of host=ldapmvs,o=psa,c=fr Thanks for your help. Regards.
The following PTF SO01824 was missing
Additional Information:
The PTF description doesn't fit the reported problem, so it is not so obvious to find that resolution.