Problem with parameter "NOS: NOS-less on the fly"

Document ID : KB000009146
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Following configuration policy parameters are set on the Scalability :


DSM/Software Delivery/Shared/NOS: NOS-less agents attached = NO

DSM/Software Delivery/Shared/NOS: NOS-less on the fly = YES


If machine has problem to access to SDLIBRARY$ share, it switches automatically to NOS-Less method and send a message to Scalability Server requesting the download of zip file.

As "Nos-Less agents attached" is set to No, Scalability Server has not yet created the zip file but it should create it when it receives the message from agent.

But due to a problem with NASD settings it does not create the zip file and NOS-Less download method is failing too.


ITCM Agents 14.0 or 14.0 SP1

There are 3 possible solutions :


  • Open a support issue to Technical Support in order to request the fix :

    T533275 for ITCM Windows Agent 14.0
    T533283 for ITCM Linux Agent 14.0 SP1

    Open a support issue to Technical Support to request a new fix if it is not in the above list (example : ITCM Windows Agent 14.0 SP1)

  • Upgrade the agents to ITCM 14.0 SP2 as the fixes are included in this version.

  • Set the following parameter in configuration policy applied on Scalability Server :

    DSM/Software Delivery/Scalability Server/Neighbour Aware Software Distribution/Neighbour Aware Software Distribution: Enable agent collaboration for software deployment = FALSE

    This solution is only valid if Neighbour Aware Software Distribution (NASD) is not used.