Problem with installation of DATACOM/AD 14.0

Document ID : KB000049006
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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During the CA DATACOM/AD 14.0 installation of CA Common Service 14.1 via MSM, you may receive the following error messages:

** ASMA057E Undefined operation code - DBURG/  MODIDX                 
** ASMA435I Record 138 in CAI.CACCS.CAAXMAC(DBURGEN) on volume: ABC123

000398 C4C2C9D5C6D7D940             333                =CL8'DBINFPR' 
0003A0 C4C2D9E7C9D7D940             334                =CL8'DBRXIPR' 
0003A8 C4C2D9E7D9D7D940             335                =CL8'DBRXRPR' 
0003B0 00000000                     336                =A(DBMSCBL)   
0003B4 00000000                     337                =X'00000000'  
                                    421+        PRINT ON            
                                    465         END 


There are 2 DATACOM/AD XPRESS INSTALL PAX files available. Selecting the old one (dated Jun 4, 2012) you miss the macro #MODIDX which causes assembly errors.

Use the latest version of the DATACOM/AD XPRESS INSTALL PAX file dated Sept 11, 2012 and reinstall the product.

To prevent further mistakes and confusion, you should delete the older version of the DATACOM/AD EXPRESS INSTALL PAX file from MSM (and USS).
This can be done by using the 'Action' DELETE button at the end of the entry in MSM. This will delete the entry from MSM and from the USS file system. See below:

Figure 1