Problem Detection in CICS Using the XMON Feature of Unicenter CA-Explore for CICS

Document ID : KB000055511
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The XMONITOR (or XMON) command can be used to display a quick overview of all CICS partitions running CA-Explore Performance Management for CICS. This panel provides a single point from which problems in a number of CICS partitions can be identified quickly.


For example, typing XMON from the command line of Unicenter CA-Explore displays the following:

                                 Extended Monitor Status                  
    Name             Type      PartId     Time         Count         Status
_  CICSPROD          CICS      F2         15:12:29     20            Problem 
_  CICSDEV           CICS      F4         15:12:29     20            Ok

Selecting the CICSPROD partition above (the one with the problem), a detailed breakdown of the status of each resource monitored is displayed. This helps in identifying the problem area quickly. The statuses of the resources in the CICSPROD partition include:

   Resource                  Value        Limit               Status
_  Exceptions                    4
_  Max Tasks                                                  Ok
_  CPU%JOB                      36           30               Problem
_  DSA%                         75           99               Warning
_  FILEREQS                1800000        10000               Warning
_  GETV24%                      66           95               Ok
_  GETV31%                      79           95               Warning

Selecting the resource CPU%JOB displays the current tasks running in the CICSPROD partition.

Tran   Task#  Term   Program   Wait Type   Name........   SVM TYP       CPU  LifeTime
READ    71    P030   SAIREAD   FCIOWAIT    CUSTFILE       SYS  OW   17.4912  90.45

Transaction READ has consumed 17.49 seconds and this may warrant further investigation. This conclusion is based on the XMONITOR settings in the Unicenter CA-Explore for CICS configuration member.