Probability is set to 0 percent when a decision table is imported

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Last Modified Date : 20/12/2018
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We noticed that when importing a Decision table in ARD, the Probability column does not get automatically calculated based on the number of outputs in the table. However, when you manually create the outputs of a Decision table, the probability column is calculated based on the number of outputs in the table. Is there a way to have the Probability automatically calculated?
If you add a probability column to the Decision Table you are importing, then ARD will honor that,  and populate the fields during the import.

Below are the steps for the work around in Excel:
  1. Add a probability column to the decision table
  2. Add this function to the probability cell f = 100/ROWS(Range); where Range Is the full number of rows from row 0 to row n (So if I had 50 cells from A2 to A51 it would be A2:A51)
  3. Import the Decision Table.

Engineering will add a tooltip, in a future release, that gives more information on the column, as well as add more information in the documentation covering this topic.