PRINT SPACE DC016922 after successful Unload-Reload and IDMSDBAN

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After running the unload/reload a IDMSDBAN job was run successfully.
A print space job failed with DC016922 READ ERR=030 DDN=GTPSPAYU
Another job which stores direct dbkeys failed with +IDMS DC016922 READ
ERR=030 DDN=GTPSPAYU RBN=00232157....


This message can occur when an IDMS file spans multiple physical volumes.
From the Database Administration Guide, Chapter 17 "Allocating and Formatting Files", sub-section "Creating Disk Files" (page 553 in the r17.0 Sp1 manual set):

Multi-volume Files
CA IDMS does not support files that span multiple physical volumes. If an area is too large to reside on a single volume, it must be mapped to multiple files, each residing on a single physical volume.

In this particular case, IDMSDBAN did not report this situation with an error.
IDMSDBAN does not access the database through the DBMS. The DBMS builds its own I/O commands and is not designed to handle multiple extents. IDMSDBAN uses a standard opsys sequential read and as a result is not impacted by the multiple extent restriction.