Primary hub completely down

Document ID : KB000099638
Last Modified Date : 01/06/2018
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We have deployed a controller configuration package to update the user tags on our primary hub. After that the hub restarted and we noticed that it got duplicated in the Infrastructure Manager and most of the probes were in Error state and would not start even after manually activating them.
UIM 8.51
The cause of this issue was that when the controller configuration was updated it changed the hubrobotname information in the robot.cfg from the uppercase to lowercase. Because the UIM is case sensitive with probe paths it duplicated the primary hub during startup and no probes could start and the hub was unreachable.
To resolve this problem you should update the following:

- controller GUI, Setup tab, Nimsoft sub-tab and update the Robot name as it was before (in this case the uppercase version of the hostname);
- right click hub probe > Raw Configure, update hubrobotname as it was before;
- restart the Nimsoft Robot Service

You might also need to perform the following actions if the probes still fail to start:

- select all probes in the primary hub, right click > Security > Validate