Preventing the "Email address not specified" message in activity logs

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When operating CA Service Desk Manager (SDM), one may encounter a message in the activity logs that says "Email address not specified", ie:  "AHD05377:No email address specified for Contact 'JDoe'".  This is caused by the given contact recipient having a blank/null email address but a notification method of email or Pager Email specified for the given notification level. 

To prevent the error from appearing every time a notify is sent out, either the given contact has to be given a valid email address or the notification level needs to be blanked out. The instructions below specify how to blank out notification levels for ALL contacts who have a null email address:


  • Backup the usp_contact and ca_contact tables using below commands:
    pdm_extract ca_contact > ca-cnt-bak.dat
    pdm_extract usp_contact > usp-cnt-bak.dat

  • Run an extract of all contacts who lack an email address:
    pdm_extract -f "select id from ca_contact where email_address IS NULL or pager_email_address IS NULL" > null-email.dat

    pdm_extract -f "select id from ca_contact where email_address IS NULL" > null-email.dat

  • Edit the null-email.dat file. Change the file so that it looks like this:

    TABLE usp_contact
    id c_cm_id1 c_cm_id2 c_cm_id3 c_cm_id4
    { "0A451C2B666C9646BECEFEE2FF69AEEC" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" }
    { "16226C765005B94E957E0F477DEF1B1C" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" }
    { "17DEA1027C7C3746B6F25DB6604EEE23" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" }

  • Save the converted file as "null-meth1.dat"

  • Load the new "null-meth1.dat"
    pdm_load -f null-meth1.dat

  • Clear table cache:
    pdm_cache_refresh -t ca_contact
    pdm_cache_refresh -t usp_contact


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