Preventing Reboots while upgrading the DSM Agents using Software Delivery.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am upgrading my agents through CA Client Automation (Software Delivery) and some of them reboot. How can I prevent this?



CA Client Automation - All versions



The potential reboots of agents during an upgrade can be prevented by creating an added procedure within each package being pushed as outlined below:

  1. Drill down to the 'Procedures' section of the package. Right-click on the procedure 'Install' and select 'New Based On'.

    Fgure 1
    (Fig. 1)

  2. In the pop up window, go to the 'Embedded File' tab.

    Fgure 2
    (Fig. 2)

  3. Go to the 'Properties' sub-tab.

  4. Select 'REBOOT' and 'ReallySuppress' in the 'Property' and 'Value' fields respectively, using the drop down list as shown in the screenshot below:

    Fgure 3
    (Fig. 3)

  5. Click on 'Add to List'.

    Fgure 4
    (Fig. 4)

  6. Go back to the 'Procedure' tab and rename the item in the 'Name' field from 'Install' to 'Install-SuppressReboot' (or a useful name of your choice)

    Fgure 5
    (Fig. 5)

  7. Click 'OK'
    NOTE: You do NOT need to unseal the package to create the new procedure outlined above.

  8. Similarly, create procedures for all the agent plugin packages and push the added procedure to install/upgrade the plugin.

Additional Information:

***NOTE: If any agent install fails with the error code '3010', it means that the install was successful, but the machine needs to be rebooted to complete the install. Keep a list of these machines so you know what boxes to reboot in the future.