Prerequisites required for requesting a Refresh/Copy of any database in Clarity PPM

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Database refreshing is a process by which a database is overwritten or refreshed from an existing backup. In general, it is more often that a backup of the current production database is taken and a copy of the same database in a development or testing environment is refreshed from this backup.


What are the Prerequisites required for requesting for a Refresh/Copy of any environment?

  • Provide the Source and Target Environments. Both the environments need to be either on Portal or Behind the Portal.
  • The Environments need to be on the same version.
  • To schedule the activity we would need 48 hours of lead time and 4 hours of downtime.
  • Provide a business justification for activities
    • i.       When the Target Environment is Production
    • ii.      When the Refresh activity is between Portal and Non-Portal or vice-versa
  • Any refresh from Non-Portal to Portal or vice versa are rejected from CA’s end.
  • Note: If the activity needs to be scheduled with customer consent, then please be informed that post refresh user login and permission issues may arise and CA will not be responsible for any downtime or degradation post the refresh.