PPM: Not able to add the same Role multiple times from MS Project

Document ID : KB000121638
Last Modified Date : 28/11/2018
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When a Project Manager wants to add a Role Multiple times it is not allowing the ability to add the roles in Microsoft Project (MSP) and save back to PPM.

Some symptoms observed:

  • If you try to update the resource initials in MSP to match the behavior if you created the role in PPM (IE if you add the developer role twice to the project in PPM, the resource initials export to MSP ascsk.developer, and csk.developer-1 for those roles) when you try to save back, you may get an error indicating that the resource “csk.developer-1” doesn’t exist in PPM, or the role doesn't save back.
  • If you try adding the duplicate role via the Browse Resources tool on the CA PPM Integration addin tab in MSP, it won't add the role to the resource sheet, and there is no error. (You can add the first instance of the role fine by clicking the ‘Browse Resources’ icon in MSP)
  • If you copy and paste the role from another role on the resource sheet (so that the resource initials are the same for one or more resource or role on the project) you may also see an error on the save back 'One or more Duplicate resources are found'. See KB000093561 for more details on this error. 
This is working as expected, it is not supported to add duplicate roles in client schedulers in working with PPM. You can add duplicate roles in PPM/Clarity though. To add multiple roles to a project via PPM, navigate to the Team tab of the project.
Additional Information:
Reference KB000093561 - MSP Error: 'One or more duplicate resources found in Microsoft Project'
Reference KB000071385 - CA PPM and MSP integration - List of Knowledge Documents
Reference KB000015956 - CA PPM and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index