PPM integration with JasperSoft is not working through CA SiteMinder SSO, Apache WEB Server or other SSO product.

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Last Modified Date : 07/03/2019
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CA PPM integration with JasperSoft is not working through CA SiteMinder SSO, Apache WEB Server or other Single Sign-On product due to some configuration settings.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to CA PPM via a single sign on (SSO) enabled URL 
  2. Select the ‘Home’ menu and ‘Advanced Reporting’ menu link 
Expected Result: Advanced Reporting page from CA PPM to display and operate correctly.
Actual Result:  There are three possible actual results experienced by the user.
1.  Error Page;
Not Found
The requested URL /reportservice/flow.html was not found on this server.
2.  Error Page;
Error: You don’t have permission to access /reportservice/flow.html on this server.
3. Refresh page;
You are redirected back to the PPM application Home page after selecting the Advance Reporting link from the Home menu.

Technical Details:

Error page item 1 or 2 may be caused by the Apache ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directive where the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is set to /niku or /niku/nu

ProxyPass /niku http://clarity.ca.com:8080/niku
ProxyPassReverse niku http://clarity.ca.com:8080/niku

Page refresh Item 3. You are redirected back to the CA PPM Home page.

This may be caused by the CA SiteMinder configuration where the root is protected and forwards request to /niku or /niku/nu.




Please perform one of the following configurations in the Reverse Proxy configuration:

Remove ‘niku’ and pass everything. This is recommended as it is as documented and is a simpler configuration.

ProxyPass / http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##/

ProxyPassReverse /  http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##/


Add additional directives to handle the reportservice URI.

ProxyPass /reportservice/ http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##//reportservice /

ProxyPassReverse /reportservice / http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##//reportservice /

Note: for Apache Web Server directives configuration, you must enter the the key / value pair elements using surrouding double-quote characters ("), e.g.:

ProxyPass "/" "http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##/"

ProxyPassReverse "/"  "http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##/"

ProxyPass "/reportservice/" "http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##//reportservice/"

ProxyPassReverse "/reportservice/" "http://ClarityPPM.domain.com:80##//reportservice/"


The above issues will likely not be encountered if the configuration step in the ‘Clarity PPM Integrating with CA SiteMinder®’ document was tightly followed. However this may not have happened due to customers own configuration standards for configuring SSO and front end Webservers.  

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