PPM 14.4 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with CA PPM 14.4.0 implementations to install the current Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below. You can download your copy of the current patch from CA Support Online https://support.ca.com/ with your CA PPM product download. If you are a SaaS customer, please contact CA Support to request the patch application to your instance.


Patches are intended to be timely fixes and are not fully regression or integration tested, and are only tested against the issues listed below. CA feels confident that this patch will resolve the addressed problems, but customers should be aware that a patch could have adverse side effects to the function of their CA PPM application. Customers should not apply patches directly to production systems without first verifying in a test environment. If any issues arise in the installation or use of this patch, please contact CA Support.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.  The 'Readme' file attached to this article may include updated details that may not be reflected within the 'Readme' file included in the 'jar' package.  Refer to this attachment for any updates.


Version/Build: 02 (
Documentation: README
On Premise General Availability: July 15th, 2016
SaaS Service Availability : Available soon. Contact SaaS Operations Team for exact date
Please be sure to read the 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTION' section within the README file for important information.  

After applying the patch, remember to download and install updated client applications such as connectors for the schedulers, XOG or other client applications.

The installation of any patch may impact Studio Views.  Please be sure to implement in a non-production environment and test the impact on the views you have configured in Studio.



Cumulative Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues in this Release:

CLRT-79792: CA PPM allows the creation of a Department OBS Unit or Location OBS Unit ID value to contain a comma symbol and this causes display issues
CLRT-79898: Browser auto complete should be enabled for non-password text fields
CLRT-80498: Gel Script process fails to validate when comments are inside of gel script tag

Resolved Issues in the Previous Release:

CLRT-80217: PRESTSUM calculated wrong in Task assignment
CLRT-80075: MSP New Driver, ETC on TSV changes when saved back from MSP
CLRT-80066: Copy cost plan creates mismatch between newly created cost plan details and source plan cost plan details
CLRT-79504: Cost Plan, Benefit Plan, or Budget Plan TSV cells do not align with label key column
CLRT-79759: The Fiscal Time Slices get reset when the System Options screen is saved
CLRT-79844: Not everything in the reports in Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting are translated to other languages, some data is in English (language translation problem)
CLRT-80115: Securability Fix
CLRT-80117: Securability Fix
CLRT-80153: Data Warehouse: Enabled custom/OOTB Object with a large amount of instances crashes the BG server with OutOfMemory error when updating Jaspersoft Domains
CLRT-80230: SKIP Level argument in XOG ignores the custom information
CLRT-80368: Securability Fix
CLRT-80165: Securability Fix
CLRT-80214: Securability Fix
CLRT-80116: Securability Fix
CLRT-80118: Securability Fix
CLRT-80319: Securability Fix
CLRT-80183: XOG Performance while updating a Project
CLRT-80008: Resource Allocations and Assignments report - 'Assignments' row is not exported to excel for some or all investments (TEC1677496)
CLRT-80100: Data Warehouse: Facts do not get carried over to Data Warehouse FACTS tables with Incremental Job if subsequently updated
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