PPM 14.2 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with CA PPM 14.2.0 implementations to install the current CA PPM 14.2.0 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.  You can download your copy of the current patch from CA Support Online https://support.ca.com/ with your CA PPM product download. If you are an On Demand customer, please contact CA Support to request the patch application to your instance.


Patches are intended to be timely fixes and are not fully regression or integration tested, and are only tested against the issues listed below. CA feels confident that this patch will resolve the addressed problems, but customers should be aware that a patch could have adverse side effects to the function of their CA PPM application. Customers should not apply patches directly to production systems without first verifying in a test environment. If any issues arise in the installation or use of this patch, please contact CA Support.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.  The 'Readme' file attached to this article may include updated details that may not be reflected within the 'Readme' file included in the 'jar' package.  Refer to this attachment for any updates.

Version/Build: 11 (
Documentation: README
On Premise General Availability : July 19th, 2016
SaaS Service Availability : To be available soon
Please be sure to read the 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTION' section within the README file for important information regarding Jaspersoft Reports and Data Warehouse fixes.  

After applying the patch, remember to download and install updated client applications such as connectors for the schedulers, XOG or other client applications.

The installation of any patch may impact Studio Views.  Please be sure to implement in a non-production environment and test the impact on the views you have configured in Studio.


Cumulative Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues in This Release:   

CLRT-75896: The admin search recreate-index-* command do not recreate index
CLRT-80799: Portfolio Sync job too slow for large portfolio when only grouping data is needed
CLRT-79199: MSP Legacy Driver: After round trip of a project with Roles (having 0 ETC) to MSP, if a Role replace is done in Clarity after this, the task Dates that this role is assigned to change to the project dates, and the ETC changes to 100% availability (TEC1823528)
CLRT-80734: AdHoc reports that make use of "Assignment EAC Measures" time out

Resolved Issues included from Prior Releases:

CLRT-80400: Performance: XOG-in of Cost plan with multiple plan details takes long time
CLRT-79497: Object instance XOG read in 14.2 when there are 3 layer objects involved with virtual attribute with Referenced Item Master Object (TEC1760351)
CLRT-80368: Securability Issue
CLRT-80319: Securability Issue
CLRT-79242: Increasing project object custom attribute's string length causes Load Data Warehouse job to fail with error "Couldn't execute SQL: MERGE INTO DWH_INV_PROJECT TGT"
CLRT-79557: Data Warehouse: Attribute with Data Type URL will always get added to DWH with default length = 255, which fails Load DWH job if value is > 255 (TEC1484877)
CLRT-80153: Data Warehouse: Enabled custom/OOTB Object with a large amount of instances crashes the BG server with OutOfMemory error when updating Jaspersoft Domains
CLRT-79354: MSSQL Data Warehouse Stored Procedures has DBLINK hardcoded as parameter default
CLRT-78820: PMO upgrade/install causes issues with Load Data Warehouse job when customized DWH Required OOTB attributes could not be updated
CLRT-79130: PRTASK.PRWBSLEVEL should not be NULLABLE: causing Load Data Warehouse job to fail on DWH_INV_TASK insert (TEC1011943)
CLRT-79485: Adding a Static Lookup attribute to an object such as Department fails the Load Data Warehouse job with error message ORA-00904: "LAST_UPDATED_DATE": invalid identifier (TEC1040847)
CLRT-79874: Unable to import Jaspersoft content when CA PPM installed on AIX environment is integrated with Jaspersoft installed on Windows/Linux environment
CLRT-80324: Capacity vs Demand by Resource Report shows incorrect Demand values
CLRT-79397: 'SSL is used but processed externally' setting in the CSA breaks the ability to run a report in Advanced Reporting (TEC1021234)
CLRT-79316:  DWH: Calendar changes causes Capacity reporting hours to go missing
CLRT-79816: The Capacity vs Allocation by OBS report does not include Unstaffed Roles even when the 'Include Unstaffed Roles' check box is checked on the filter parameters 
CLRT-80116: Securability fix
CLRT-80118: Securability fix
CLRT-79989: Securability fix
CLRT-79477: Securability fix
CLRT-80115: Securability fix
CLRT-77362: MSSQL: Instance rights query runs for too long and does not return any data, causing DWH_INV_SECURITY_V to return 0 rows
CLRT-79397: 'SSL is used but processed externally' setting in the CSA breaks the ability to run a report in Advanced Reporting (TEC1021234)
CLRT-79690: Not all notifications will correctly link to the External URL in the properties.xml file. The external URL resolution is required for SaaS customers using Federated SSO
CLRT-80089: CA PPM vulnerability
CLRT-78265: Saved Dynamic Lookup value not displayed in the edit view (TEC600899)
CLRT-79418: The "Project - Enable Financial" access right allows a user to inline edit and save changes to the tasks even if he does not have any task editing access right (TEC1856175)
CLRT-78878: Users cannot navigate back to CA PPM correctly from Jaspersoft reports by clicking on hyperlinks in the report (TEC1563189
CLRT-79355: Load Data Warehouse performance on large datasets is slow (TEC1996475)
CLRT-79077: Load Datawarehouse Access Rights job fills up TEMP tablespace for large dataset, CMN_SEC_EXTRACT_BY_OBJ_PERM_V0 timing out with 8 billion of rows (TEC1242746)
CLRT-78800: Deactivated values of the NOTIFICATION_TYPE lookup remain visible on the notifications settings page
CLRT-79214: Performance with Jaspersoft against large data set (TEC1006997)
CLRT-79064: Firefox javascript error when filtering tasks under "Add task" in a Timesheet (TEC1381667)
CLRT-78978: Cost Plan associated to Service is always updated (TEC1605543)
CLRT-78444: Advanced Reporting shows dates in US format despite all users having their locale set to UK format (TEC1045744)
CLRT-78443: Load Data Warehouse job fails if the combined length of custom attribute IDs exceed 4000 characters on a single object (TEC1069664)
CLRT-77603: Slow Performance: Timesheet Add Task button calls inefficient query (TEC1032614)
CLRT-78948: Department Resource Filter: Error 500 - Internal Server Error. The server could not retrieve the document due to server-configuration or other technical problems. Contact your site administrator (TEC1430376)
CLRT-78676: MSP (New Driver) ETC values are altered when project is open in MSP (TEC1496815)
CLRT-78583: Resolved Date on Issue is updated to null (TEC1000788)
CLRT-77929: CAL-06038 error when user goes to Organizer and clicks on Click Here To access this action item (TEC1060843)
CLRT-78427: When migrating custom object instances from one environment to another, XOG updates some parts of the Sql query and adds single quotes which caused XOG to fail (TEC1459218)
CLRT-77897: OWB does not save subproject tasks (TEC1861608)
CLRT-77321: If the value of an field in PPM is set to '[--Select--]' then OWB Task Properties - Advanced tab shows another value for this field (TEC1510784)
CLRT-76934: User who has "Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - View - All" and "Project - View Tasks - All" can not navigate to Tab "Associated Tasks" of Risks/Issues. Error 401 - Unauthorized (TEC1414717)
CLRT-76495: OWB and 0% Allocation (TEC1021812)
CLRT-76398: The ETC column at assignment level gets zeroed after XOGing actuals if the ETC figure belongs to a single period (TEC1866977)
CLRT-75726: In MSP Actual Work/Work gets removed if assignment goes out into the next year (TEC1899284)
CLRT-74418: OWB Update function does not update ETC and pending ETC (TEC1166032)
CLRT-78375: Provide Advanced Reporting Information in Administration, System Options (TEC1951561)  
CLRT-78367: Backslash is deleted when saving a gel script that reads a pipe delimited file (TEC1829325)
CLRT-77572: Navigating to the Incident List has slower performance when user has restricted access rights (TEC1594603)  
CLRT-77541: Need to show specific error message when processes fail because of the insufficient rights (TEC1200784)  
CLRT-77534: PRSUBMITTEDBY does not get updated when timesheet gets submitted via XOG (TEC1984436)  
CLRT-77421: Attribute can't be changed back to "Current User" if it is ever modified (TEC536301)  
CLRT-77379: Audited attribute value changes made through OWB display the wrong changed by user and timestamp through the Global Audit Trail (TEC1144547)  
CLRT-77273: Gel Script process fails when comments are outside of gel script tag (TEC1706578)  
CLRT-77256:  A XOG read of a project with a large number of tasks takes far longer in v13.3 than it did in v12.1.3 (TEC1088114)
CLRT-74374: Incorrect Report Parameter passed when Report Run from saved reports for Multiselect OBS (TEC1006284)  
CLRT-77518: Installation of MSP interface on 14.2 results in a SilentInstallAddin error (TEC1170126)  
CLRT-77464: Page jumps when user clicks on a cell in a list and browser window is showing a browser scroll bar on the right hand side of the list (TEC1401405)  
CLRT-76717: Adjust button is not appearing in posted timesheet if Indirect Time entry is placed in it (TEC1910971)  
CLRT-78100: CSA displays either the install or package type install version on patch version (TEC1068258)  
CLRT-77758: PPM 14.2 with Jaspersoft Problem with Special Characters in the Userid (TEC1466848)  
CLRT-77501: VERSION 1 Integration - Any user with mixed case is not synchronizing (TEC1652951)
CLRT-77414: Performance problem in loading Project template list page (TEC1182133
CLRT-77405: IE11: Chart Portlet Configure link on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 not working (TEC1809876)
CLRT-77687: Jaspersoft request processor does not correctly handle requests when PPM is configured for external SSL (TEC1468463
CLRT-77539: Idea Financial Plans in Portfolio Spread when Save is done on the idea (TEC1736614)
CLRT-77517: XOG fails on customObjectInstance associated to Department OBS containing single quote (TEC1054646)
CLRT-77500: BPM-7073 Error GEL Script in 14.2 when HTML img tag is present (TEC1168095)
CLRT-77468: If the size of an attribute is changed, the Portfolio Synchronization job fails (TEC1807514)
CLRT-77392: Metric attributes missing from the Portfolio Data Provider (TEC1956127)  
CLRT-77181: Large String Attributes not editable in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 11 (TEC1981337)  
CLRT-77179: Process triggering when starting condition is not met (TEC1440474)   
CLRT-77061: Billing currency rate for an Idea gets changed to the default value automatically once Save button is clicked in some other subpage (TEC1295854)  
CLRT-76643: TABLE_NAME is corrupted in PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS when creating a Service (TEC1482334)   
CLRT-75934: Team Staff OBS Unit is not cleared from the database when OBS Unit is deleted from Administration OBS (TEC1133315)   
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