Postgres Version for APM 10.7 HF3

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Last Modified Date : 10/05/2018
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I just wanted to know what postgres version are you shipping with APM 10.7 HF3 .
We basically have to install postgres and database by ourselves using CA scripts rather than using the install process that comes with CA APM install.
So another question was, will the same work when we try to install postgres using CA database scripts that come bundled with 10.7 HF3?
APM 10.7
APM 10.7 version of the product  it will be shipped with PostgreSQL-9.6.2 is the version shipped with APM 10.7 version of the product.

The hotfix (HF3) is a separate .jar file (APM10.7.0HF03.jar)  that needs to be deployed on the "EM_home" directory and launched (via java -jar APM10.7.0HF03.jar) to replace certain .jar files in the environment but it is not intended to upgrade the complete product. As per the readme.txt:

[Deployment Instructions]


1. This fix is for server side patches only, no install/deployment to agents. If you already have received 10.7.0 hotfixes for agent side from support, these will not be included in this patch.

2. If you have any pre-10.7.0 version installed you cannot use this script, use the 10.7.0 product installer to upgrade.

3. If you have 10.7.0 GA version ( or higher installed , use this script to apply "10.7.0-HF03". Please note that APM10.7.0HF03.jar is not intended to perform an upgrade of the complete product, it only replaces
   the affected jars. The rest of the product files remain intact at the original release number. This process is simple and should take a few minutes only.

4. For the list of fixes in this Hotfix, refer to the below [Fixed Issues] section

1. This hotfix script updates the following product components: Enterprise Manager, WebView,

2. Stop:
   -Enterprise Manager (MOM/collector)
   NOTE: individual components that are installed together can be also patched
   in one go, for example, EM, Webview and APMSQLSERVER

3. Copy APM10.7.0HF03.jar  to the HOME directory of the product components you would like
   to apply the hotfix. For example, if WebView is installed separately, run the hotfix script from
   that WebView HOME directory.

4. Execute
   If windows: jre\bin\java -jar APM10.7.0HF03.jar
   If unix:    jre/bin/java -jar APM10.7.0HF03.jar

   NOTE: Make sure to run the script using the appropriate user credentials.
5. Verify the results:  

   >> Hotfix 10.7.0-HF03 was applied successfully.
   If the HF script fails for some reason with the below message,
   the script will automatically rollback the changes. Open a support case and attach the
   hotfix.log file.
   >> Hotfix 10.7.0-HF03 was rolled back successfully    
6. Start:
   Enterprise Manager (MOM/collector)