"POST /VSEs/serviceName/actions/createService" call in lisa-invoke-2 ignores .vrs

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Last Modified Date : 16/10/2018
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Please use the zip file in attachment. It contains the RR pairs + a config file + a .vrs file The "POST /VSEs/{serviceName}/actions/createService" call in lisa-invoke-2 can be used to create a VS from RR pairs. It does create a VS but with default DPHs. In my example it only picks a REST DPH, which is not enough in this case (some important parameters are passed as HTTP headers). The documentation says that you include a .vrs file in the .zip to control which DPHs are used. It does NOT work. I tried to include the .vrs alone and also to include .vrs + serviceProperties.xml (without the protocol info, as per documentation). In both cases the .vrs gets ignored: the VS is created with a standard name and the standard DPH.
DevTest 10.3 and 10.4 
 If the vrs file is in same folder then it doesn't work correctly as we looks for the .vrs file inside root folder of the zip file. So basically if you create zip file that contains citiRR1.vrs and the RRpairs folder with RR pairs. Then the .vrs is loaded. 

This file must have a .vrs extension. If you create a zip file that contains a VRS file and other information, such as RR pairs, the VRS file must be in the root folder of the zip file. 
If the serviceProperties.xml file contains a <protocol> element, it is used and the VRS file is ignored. If it does not contain a <protocol> element, then the VRS file is used to configure the protocol handler. 
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