Post To WIP: The user does not have permission to perform this action

Document ID : KB000055123
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Applies To: Clarity implementations with MSSQL Server 

Receiving the following error when trying to post transactions to WIP:

     Internal Server Error. Contact your site administrator. ([CA Clarity][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]The user does not have permission to perform this action.)



The 'clarity' database user needs 'db_owner' role for access to the 'clarity' database for performing the 'Post to WIP' action.

Note 'clarity' is used as a reference to the database user or the application database ; the actual name in your implementation my be different.

  1. In the SYS.DATABASES table, the column " is_read_committed_snapshot_on" should be set as '1' or 'true' for the 'clarity' database
    SELECT name, is_read_committed_snapshot_on FROM sys.databases  
    If the results show that the "READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT" is not turned ON for the 'clarity' database, then turn it on.
    (In the query result the column "is_read_committed_snapshot_on" is set as 0)

    To turn it on, please ask your DBA to execute the following:
  2. As the DB user 'clarity', executing the following SQL should not give permission denied error.
  3. You may receive a "Permission denied" error message when a role-based application tries to select records from any one of the system tables in a SQL Server master database.
    To resolve this problem, use certificate-signed procedures to access server-level system tables.
    Please ask your DBA to execute the following to grant the 'clarity' user VIEW_SERVER_STATE:
    GRANT VIEW SERVER STATE to {user name}