Post to WIP Filter Section Project Browse missing Projects that have a different Financial Properties Location than the Financial Transaction waiting for posting

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Our Financial Managers are attempting to locate and post financial transactions waiting for posting in the 'Post to WIP' page. We know there are transactions for a specific project in the PPA_TRANSCONTROL table. When the Financial Manager searches for the Investment (Project) on the Post to WIP > Filter Section > Project Browse, the project is not listed. We discovered that the investment is not appearing due to the fact that the investment financial location value was changed and now does not match the financial location value on the transaction that is waiting for posting.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project with financial properties

    Department A
    Location 00000001
  2. Add a labor resource with active financial properties and open for Time Entry to the investment
  3. Create Timesheet transactions for this resource
  4. Execute Post Timesheets job
  5. Check Administration, Invalid Transactions page to see that the new transaction is created from the Timesheet posting
  6. Execute Post Transactions to Financials job
  7. Check that records are now in PPA_TRANSCONTROL tables
  8. Verify that you can Browse for the Project on Post to WIP page, Filter Section
    *** Do not Post the transaction ***

    Figure 1
  9. Project > Financial Properties Page, Change the Project Location to Location 00000002
  10. Navigate to Post to WIP and Browse for the Project

    Figure 2

Expected Result:
To see the investment listed for selection
Actual Result: The investment does not show up


Caused by CLRT-69998

Another cause is if the PAC_MNT_PROJECTS.LAST_UPDATED_DATE value is set to -99 


Our sustaining team reviewed CLRT-69998 and closed it as they are not planning to make any changes to this area of the product in the reported version.

Please report this to CA Technical Support if you are experiencing the symptom in a currently supported release and you cannot resolve the issue with the identified workaround.


Use different filtering criteria such as a combination of the Resource name and dates. However, this will include all investments for that specific combination.

To locate and identify the Financial Transaction Location compared to the Investment Financial Location, use the following query.


Figure 3

If the Financial Manager needs to filter for the investment, temporarily change the Investment Financial Location to match the Financial Transaction Location.

For the example described, go to the Project, Financial Properties page and change the Location from 00000002 to 00000001.
Then go back to the Post To WIP page and perform the Filter Project Browse to locate the Project.

Additional Information: 

For more details please review the Customer Reported Defect Resolution Policy for CA Clarity PPM  

In CA PPM 14.3 a new 'Post to WIP' job has been introduced for posting into WIP as a scheduled job.
Reference CA PPM 14.3 Release Notes and product documentation for more details regarding this job.