Ports Required for Spectrum and Service Operation Insight Connectors Communication

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The connector runs in a container and uses the CA Spectrum CORBA API to communicate with the CA Spectrum server. The connector uses HTTP or HTTPS to communicate with the OneClick web server. Firewalls for the CA Spectrum, OneClick, SpectroSERVER, and connector servers must allow access to several ports



What Ports need to be open for communication between SOI, the Spectrum Catalyst Connector, Spectroserver and Oneclick?



The connector uses ports 14002 through 14006 to make TCP/IP connections to CA Spectrum. You can configure CA Spectrum to use other ports, if necessary.

The OneClick server port is typically port 80 or 8080.

The connector needs access to the following ports on the SpectroSERVER:

– Port 14002 (SpectroSERVER)

– Port 14003 (CORBA Name Server)

– Port 14004 (Location Server)

– Port 14005 (CORBA Name Server)

– Port 14006 (CORBA Name Server)


The SpectroSERVER needs access to the following port on the Connector machine:

– Port 14001 (Connector Server)


The Connector listens on port 14001 for Heartbeats and updates from Spectrum. Blockage of this port will cause the re-initialization of the Connector, and no updates will be received from Spectrum. The communication across the ports is "Bi-Directional". Below is an Architectural diagram: