Portal logon 500 Server Error

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Last Modified Date : 26/04/2018
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Login error into Portal UI after selecting "Login" button.

API Portal 4.2.x
1. Obtain the IP for the system running the API Portal.

2. On the system that you want to access API Portal, open and edit the hosts file.
     On Windows, the file is located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
     On Linux or MacOS, the file is located in /etc/hosts

3. Add the following entry in the host file. Substitute <IP> with the IP to your instance and mycompany.com accordingly.

    <IP> apim.mycompany.com apim-ssg.mycompany.com analytics.mycompany.com broker.mycompany.com sso.mycompany.com sync.mycompany.com enroll.mycompany.com

This hosts entry must be added to any system requesting to access the API Portal without a DNS server.