Portal 4.2 with external DB would not start after following instructions on KB000095474

Document ID : KB000097306
Last Modified Date : 22/05/2018
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Following KB 000095474  to change API Portal enroll notification email - my Portal could not start.
Portal installed with remote MYSQL DB for the Portal.
There was a Database log lock created on the remote MYSQL Portal DB.

Troubleshooting the Portal docker containers by using the commands:

'watch docker ps' (to view which containers start and which in starting mode.)
Start checking the containers in starting mode one by one to find out what error/problem they are facing.
Using the command:
'docker logs -f <container id>'

- Run the above with the 'pssg' container id and see if you have a message:
'...waiting for portal-data...'

Then run the above with the 'portal-data' container id and see if you get an error message like:
'... Liquibase Update Failed ... Waiting for changelog lock....'

If you see similar error message - follow the below steps:
Stop the docker service on the Portal by running:
sudo systemctl stop docker

connect to your remote MYSQL DB and run the below commands:

use portal; (assuming you have not changed the default Portal main database name)
If you see a lock record with the Portal container IP - you know this is the issue.
DELETE FROM DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK;  (to clear the locked record)

Restart your remote MYSQL DB.

Restart your Docker service on the Portal host:

sudo systemctl start docker

Now - all containers should start ok.
Additional Information:
If you face different errors or this procedure does not help you - do contact CA Support to help you.