Port Alerts with Name Unknown in SOI Console

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why do some Port Alerts from Spectrum appear with name unknown and class entity in the SOI Alert Console ?


SOI 3.3 and 4.0

Spectrum IM Connector

Spectrum 9.4, 10.0


When a Port CI is published by Spectrum IM Connector into SOI that has a very large USMDeviceSerialNumber ( > 64 characters ), the

CI will not be created and a logfile message is created in the CI-INVALID.log file on the SOI\tomcat\logs folder on the SOI Manager.

To workaround this situation the Spectrum connector policy can be customized to truncate the USMDeviceSerialNumber value.


1. stop the CA SAM Integration Service on the Spectrum Connector Server

2. take a backup copy of SOI\resources\Core\Catalogpolicy\spectrumim_policy.xml outside the Core\Catalogpolicy\ folder

3. search for the following statement in the spectrumim_policy.xml file


<Field conditional="USMDeviceSerialNumber" output="DevicePhysSerialNumber"
format="{0}" input="USMDeviceSerialNumber" />

change to

<Field conditional="USMDeviceSerialNumber" output="DevicePhysSerialNumber"
format="{0}" input="{trunc ( [USMDeviceSerialNumber, 64 ] ) } "

save the modification.

4. Remove the Connector from the SOI Administration UI (depending on the number of CIs and Alerts this may take some time)

5. start the CA SAM Integration Service on the Spectrum Connector Server.