Policy Store :: Data Corruption : Unable to Obtain Value for Attribute

Document ID : KB000048556
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am facing problem when I try to run XPSExport to do a backup of the Policy Store, as some data are missing or invalid as for example:

[28470/-143587104][Fri May 03 2013 15:13:19][CA.XPS:EDIT0020]       
[ERROR] Unable to obtain value for CA.SM::AgentInstance.TrustedHostLink[0].
[28470/-143587104][Fri May 03 2013 15:13:19][CA.XPS:EDIT0021]
[ERROR] [CA.SM::AgentInstance@PS-0000000000000000ffff00001191bcc2-machine.domain.com] Unable to obtain value for attribute.

How can I solve it?


To solve it, you can use XPSExplorer to delete the corrupted data as for this example:

   CA.SM::AgentInstance@PS-0000000000000000ffff00001191bcc2-machine.domain.com] Unable to obtain value for attribute. 

start XPSExplorer 

select 69- AgentInstance* 
(this menu number may vary depending of the version of the Policy Server, be sure that the selected one is AgentInstance) 

select S 
select the number attributed to the 


select D       
select Q 
select Q
select P
select Q

This will remove the object and then, you will be able to process further the XPSExport command. Repeat this procedure for any other missing or corrupted object from the Policy Store.